Saturday Thoughtsy: Sentimental Scribbles

One of the downsides of not having Saturday work: reading my old planners ❤

The ones written in black ink, my bucketlist before I turn 26. The notes in pink, my accomplishments after less than a year. I'm 27 now, I only wanted these but I was given all these and more!

Thankful and grateful! *loved *blessed. ❤ ❤ ❤


Sunday Thoughtsy: Mean and Witty Friends Make Life Happy and Colorful :)

I can’t be more thankful enough. Being blessed by mean and witty dearies, what else could I ask for!

The ones who would give you options either Quick and Easy or Long and Tormenting and all agree on the the long and tormenting. (Haha, yeah we’re ‘masokista’ like that)

The ones who would tell you to be stern or just ignore it, but the ones who are first to explain when confronted, hahaha. I’m blessed.

No wonder we all love Mean Girls. ‘So fetch.’ Haha, see you all tonight! Advance happy, happy, burdei girl-soon-to-be-wed Luiwiwiwi!


Big Burp for Big Happiness: Cintai, Corito’s Garden Cooking Class Menu

Enrolling in a culinary school has always been one of the items in my bucketlist. However, due to the tight schedule, I just made it a point to try different dishes whenever I can.

One time, when I was browsing DealGrocer’s site, this caught my attention: a Bali-inspired place in Batangas is having a Culinary Class wherein Day Tour, Food, and use of the amenities are included. I really am a lucky girl, three wonderful and exciting deals in one coupon! Loooove.

I haven’t tried Vietnamese food yet so I am quite ecstatic especially that we are the ones who will prepare our own food. Plus, Chef told us that Vietnamese food is very light but there are different layers of flavor, hmmm, interesting.

So, what’s on the menu, Chef? Pho-Ga Vietnamese Noodle Soup, Lemon Grass and Chicken Skewers, Vietnamese Grilled Lemongrass Pork, Vietnamese Prawn and Vegetable Curry, and for dessert, Red Rubies in Coconut Milk 🙂

Ready? Fire!


Pho Ga Vietnamese Noodle Soup
This is perfect for the cold, breezy weather, not salty and not that spicy, but has lots of interesting flavor and aroma (including that of the cinnamon sticks and charred onion and garlic). If you, however, prefer the salty one, they’ve Vietnamese fish sauce and lemon wedge and hoisin that you can add.


Lemon Grass and Chicken Skewers
Making this was so fun and easy, you really have to be very ‘ hands on’, literally. And Chef also gave us helpful tips on the proper way of putting all these together.

The flavor of this food comes from the sauce and this is so easy to prepare. Good with wine and beer, according to Chef. Translation, pulutan 🙂


Vietnamese Grilled Lemongrass Pork
This is my favorite. I just can’t describe how subtle the flavor is but it has that super delicious taste that can make you eat more. This, a must cook 😮




Vietnamese Prawn and Vegetable Curry
I’m not a fan of curry but this one changed my mind. No strong curry taste, but it has that beautiful combination of all the spices that makes curry a curry, less the cumin. The yellow ginger flavor, mmmmm, tasty.



And last but not the least, Red Rubies in Coconut Milk. The dessert with an amazing surprise 🙂 Aaah, subtly surprising, Cintai’s guests’ favorite.


Worried about the drinks? They serve fresh buko juice and iced tea as their welcome treat for girsts. And they also serve iced tea and water during mealtime (and rice, one big bowl and one small bowl). They also have a bar inside the area in case you want an alcoholic drink and some videoke love.

Truly Big Burp, guaranteed! 🙂

Big Burp for Big Happiness: NoMama Love with the Office Tuhtays (Post-Father’s Day Treat?)

The weather’s very inviting for a hot soup on that rainy afternoon, we just had a very productive meeting and we were all starving. Nah, we all just love to eat when we’re all together. And when it comes to the hardest part of choosing which food place to go to – that I can contribute. NoMama!

I just saw it being featured a couple of times already so it’s already included in my bucketlist. One of the perks of keeping tabs of what I’ve read or of what I’ve watched 🙂 Win-Win for all of us 😮

So, off we go (me and my office Tuhtays: my first Boss, Boss Edoard aka Joko Diaz, my second Boss, Boss Kirby aka Derek torn between Ann and Christine and Sir Butch aka John Lloyd) to Scout Tuazon in Quezon City.

Oh, thanks by the way to the Waze app, super duper mega reliable buddy! From our office in C3, Waze found us the most convenient route so we’re already at the place in just 30mins. No traffic, no hazzle. Good job!

So, what made all of us happy and our tummies full?

The place: Cool, isn’t it. NoMama. I love just the sound of it. Not to mention it’s located at Laging Handa, Quezon City, which started all the ‘clean’ jokes we had all ramen-time. Plus, Ms. Ara Mina on the other table.


The Ambiance: Super cozy, lovelovelove. A place where you could really have all the space for you and your ramen.


The Food: Just thinking about their food makes me want to go back to NoMama once again. From their Pork Gyoza (P125) to their Bayani Brew (I got this for free, yey, thanks to their promo), everything is good.

The Ramen Overload!: Waaah, look at all these Ramen!
Thai Green Curry Ramen (P322.00)

NoMama Ramen (P337.00)

Wagyu Beef Cheek Ramen (P420.00)


Plus, their staff Vam, who is so great at customer service. She’s so natural. No hardselling, just honest to goodness recommendation for first timers like us. She’s so generous to inform us all of their promos. My favorite: the P1.00 Junior Ramen. Interested about that? Visit NoMama and look for Vam.

Big Burp Guaranteed! Love, Rikki

Reminder to Self

I saw my 2011 Starbucks planner this afternoon and since I am saying no in the meantime to reading romantic novels, I read all the entries on my beloved planner instead and found this:

August 29, 2011

I tend to forget things easily. I’m good at realizing a lot of things but being a hardheaded person that I am, I always convince myself that next time, it will all be different, so I’ll try to do the same things again hoping the result will be different, which in reality never happens, tried and tested. So here’s a reminder to self of the things I’ve realized the hardest of way so I won’t make the same mistakes of hurting the people I love all over again.

1. God above everything else.

No matter what the situation is, always take time to talk to God and attend mass EVERY Sunday. No miss. And the 3 o’clock prayer. Always.

2. Family is always the priority.

The love and respect for mommy and daddy – give it back to them and make it up with them. Try to give them your all whenever you can – the good daughter they keep on losing  has finally come back to stay.

3. Self Respect.

People don’t have the power to take this away from you. It always starts within you. Know your worth and people will value you the same way.

4. Value the people around you.

Always take time to catch up with friends and to ask if they’re okay. You’ll never know when they are having difficulties and sometimes, all it takes is just this question to make a difference to whatever it is they are facing.

5. See the kindness and greatness in EVERYTHING.

No exemptions. Be thankful about everything and always extend help to others.

6. Save and start building for your future.

Keep things simple and be humble in your ways. One peso and five pesos, they are already a fortune for some. So save.

7. Know where you’re heading.

You are already living the path Jesus wants you to go. All the people, the situation or circumstances that comes with it are blessings from God to make your journey as colorful as it can be. So strive to be a blessing to them, too.

P.S. Enough of the ‘playful’ games and ‘life-changing’ adventures, will you?  Learn. 

Old school writing is still the best, isn’t it? I’m so glad I’m keeping my very own life  notes – this, for me, is enough to satisfy my instant reading needs. And I’m so glad that after six months, I no longer have to be reminded about all these because now I can proudly say that I have all these imprinted here – in this gigantic heart of mine. After all, it only takes loving and having a heart to realize all these.

Love, Atty. Rikki.

Rare Application Tip

I just got back in the Metro and no matter what angle I look at, the future looks bleak for me.

Six months ago, I traded my career and my life here for something that was my ultimate dream as a person.

Six months after, that dream didn’t materialize and I thought I can still go back where I left off. The thing is, there is no U-turn in life. One has to start from scratch – no job, no place of my own.  No everything. Just the courage to face this life anew and the hope that things will be better and everything will be okay.

I thought I already had a chance with the first company I tried my luck with. I walked in, passed the first interview, took the exam and then interview with the Sales Director all in half a day – a sign I thought to be the break I’m praying for. But things didn’t turn out the way I was expecting it. I was devastated after talking with the Sales Director.

He said my qualifications didn’t match their requirements and they already hired a lot of people the past weeks. He said I’m already late. And then he asked me If I have questions. I said yes. What are those jobs you think I’m not qualified for? And then he explained. And I told him my experience in those things. And then he asked if I’ve other questions. Yes, I said. Is there any chance you would re-consider? and he said No. That was so heart-breaking.

Instead of riding a cab, I walked that J. Vargas St. to San Miguel Ave. with a blank look and with a pace I didn’t notice. I can’t even remember how I got home. I need to have work. I need something to occupy my mind.

At home, I realized I still have the Visitor’s Pass ID of that company and shoot, I’ve to go back so I can have my ID in return. I seriously don’t want to because I’m afraid I might see the Director again and I’m so embarrassed with my questions. I feel like I made myself look so desperate but I really am desperate.

I prayed and then I lifted everything to God and just entrusted Him with everything. Your will be done, Lord, I said.

When I was preparing the following morning, I was planning where to go next after returning it. Should I apply to the other companies in that building? Or should I just proceed to have my NBI clearance processed? I might as well just do both.

When the guard of the building saw me, I’m shocked he recognized me. Hired na po kayo, Ma’am? Magsosoli lang po ng ID, I said.

I looked for the floor number of the other FMCG company in that building before going to their floor. After returning the visitor’s pass, I went to the other floor and submitted my resume. When I think I already served my purpose, I went downstairs and start hailing for a cab.

Minutes passed and there’s no cab coming. And then somebody waved for me to come over. I’m not sure if it was really me he’s waving at so I didn’t bother. Seconds later, shoot, it was the Sales Director beside me.

He asked, Tinawagan ka na ba nila? I endorsed you to HR for the In-Store Trade Activations Specialist position. It’s field sales also and you will handle GMA area. I’m not sure if he’s really talking to me and I only uttered Po? Thank you. He’s surprised I wasn’t aware yet I was there in their building and then I told him I went there just to return the pass I carried with me home. And then he offered to accompany me to the HR and told me about the offer.

Wow, I immediately thanked and praised God. He is so good only He can do something like that.

Tip: Take home your Visitor’s Pass ID. You’ll never know what returning that the following day could bring you 🙂