Reminder to Self

I saw my 2011 Starbucks planner this afternoon and since I am saying no in the meantime to reading romantic novels, I read all the entries on my beloved planner instead and found this:

August 29, 2011

I tend to forget things easily. I’m good at realizing a lot of things but being a hardheaded person that I am, I always convince myself that next time, it will all be different, so I’ll try to do the same things again hoping the result will be different, which in reality never happens, tried and tested. So here’s a reminder to self of the things I’ve realized the hardest of way so I won’t make the same mistakes of hurting the people I love all over again.

1. God above everything else.

No matter what the situation is, always take time to talk to God and attend mass EVERY Sunday. No miss. And the 3 o’clock prayer. Always.

2. Family is always the priority.

The love and respect for mommy and daddy – give it back to them and make it up with them. Try to give them your all whenever you can – the good daughter they keep on losing  has finally come back to stay.

3. Self Respect.

People don’t have the power to take this away from you. It always starts within you. Know your worth and people will value you the same way.

4. Value the people around you.

Always take time to catch up with friends and to ask if they’re okay. You’ll never know when they are having difficulties and sometimes, all it takes is just this question to make a difference to whatever it is they are facing.

5. See the kindness and greatness in EVERYTHING.

No exemptions. Be thankful about everything and always extend help to others.

6. Save and start building for your future.

Keep things simple and be humble in your ways. One peso and five pesos, they are already a fortune for some. So save.

7. Know where you’re heading.

You are already living the path Jesus wants you to go. All the people, the situation or circumstances that comes with it are blessings from God to make your journey as colorful as it can be. So strive to be a blessing to them, too.

P.S. Enough of the ‘playful’ games and ‘life-changing’ adventures, will you?  Learn. 

Old school writing is still the best, isn’t it? I’m so glad I’m keeping my very own life  notes – this, for me, is enough to satisfy my instant reading needs. And I’m so glad that after six months, I no longer have to be reminded about all these because now I can proudly say that I have all these imprinted here – in this gigantic heart of mine. After all, it only takes loving and having a heart to realize all these.

Love, Atty. Rikki.

My Word, My World for 2012: Tenacious

Working for a company for three months and hearing one of the super big bosses describe you to an SVP you’re about to have a very short-notice presentation with as someone who is like her, ‘small but very tenacious’, and repeating that adjective twice, I realized that was the most flattering ‘introduction’ or let’s just say ‘description’ I have ever received so far.

And I’ll be very honest … I googled the word as soon as I got home and got all the more humbled. I know it has something to do with being clingy or with being stubbornly unyielding but that’s only because my understanding of that word was too shallow.

Tenacity, according to Art Petty’s Leadership Caffeine: 5 Ideas for Creating a Tenacious Culture, is all heart … or at least one of those attributes we ascribe to the heart – and is one of those common attributes of successful people.

“Truly tenacious people grab hold of an idea or a cause and refuse to let go until they’ve succeeded, or, until someone finds them passed out in a pool of their own sweat. Of course, what the external observer probably doesn’t know is the tenacious individual hasn’t given up.  He or she is just bowing to nature’s demands and refueling and rethinking while floating in said pool of sweat.”

I know I have a big heart, yeah, and I have a lot of love to give 🙂 but the last part … nah, not yet. I haven’t done anything yet for me to be described as one but i’m working on it every single minute.

I’m just so happy that I have started right this time and really, everything’s at the right places – all the people, all the things I love and I dream of – oh, and remember the Starbucks planner I promised myself to get year after year after year … tadaaa!

Super big thanks to my dearies who donated their Starbucks stickers. Haha. Love and Believe. Let’s all have a tenacious 2012 – all heart and successful!

Signs that the Starbucks Planner Season Is On!

Aside from Christmas and all the good things that come with it, there is this craze I look forward to every year when the Ber months are already here – the Starbucks Planner Season! It’s just so hard to miss this one.

What are the signs that this craze is on?

1. Business Meetings, Meet-Ups and Friends’ Hangouts have one one thing in common – a visit at any Starbucks coffee shop. Really, the number of customers who go to Starbucks stores double and Starbucks is always the top of mind coffee shop whenever there’s a get-together these days.

2. There is always this friendly agreement before placing an order – who gets to own the sticker. Since everyone wants it and almost everyone needs THAT sticker, trust me, you’ll always hear this while you’re lining up to have your cup.

3. Coffee preferences change – Even if you’re a coffee lover of a certain kind, you’ll find yourself buying either of these two seasonal favorites: Toffee Nut and of course my very own addiction (Hot Venti) Peppermint Mocha.

Starbucks and Starbucks planner are love! And they made this even lovelier this year with these words written on the cup: WHEN WE’RE TOGETHER I KNOW I’LL NEVER FALL. (Awww … my heart melts with this one).

I can’t wait to have my 2012 planner! Starbucks, anyone? 🙂 Oh, I just have one wish, though: Spell my name right , next time, yo! 🙂 Haha. Tsss 🙂

What a Sip of Your Favorite Cup of Coffee Can Do

StarBucks Iloilo

(Planner Entry dated April 12, 2011)

After almost three months of staying here in Iloilo, I’ve to admit there are a lot of things I miss like having my favorite Venti Hot Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel drizzle. It has been my faithful buddy during toxic times and it reminds me of my precious friends and those touching moments we’ve shared on and off work hours.

I miss it when Lola Erwin Verdejo and I would stay in the office until 5am in preparation for an event. I miss it when Crea Claudio and I have new office buddies to bully, I mean to entertain and to just try to know well :p I miss it after every lunch-out and meeting when we were asked to have either dessert or coffee. I miss it whenever there are some issues to deal with, personally or professionally. I miss how it has become a venue to patch grudges or misunderstandings with an officemate. I miss how it gained me new friends during taste tests and other new promo stints. I miss how a Starbucks planner given with love (Thanks again, Ms. Tricia) can mean the whole world to me.

I think I just miss it primarily because it makes me feel I’m home and it reminds me of people I consider my family – my former office buddies.

Now that it’s finally here, I can’t help but become nostalgic. Chris and I were supposed to do our usual family day – pig out, do some grocery stuff, etc. – but when we saw it already open, pfttt … we’re there in an instant lining up to have our favorite coffee and we just stayed there for hours enjoying every second of it!

I’m surprised with the new look of the cup but the rest remain the same. The friendly atmosphere and of course, the homey feel! The place was also perfectly and nicely designed that Ilonggos flocked the place in no time.

Our family day had a new twist today. Instead of just sipping coffee at home reading newspaper, we did it there and we also happened to discover and appreciate Mango Magazine and discussed some articles we’ve read there. Now this is an interesting day and this I know promises more interesting days (and more interesting reads and people) ahead. I’m just so happy to have found my second home again.