An Elbi Homecoming Filled of Fun


Since I got back, I’m looking forward to this event our resident brods and sisses prepared for us alumni. I’m excited to see my batchmates and my other friends and relive those crazy memories we all shared when we were in college.

Other than that, I’m excited to return to a place that has been my home for five years – Los Banos or Elbi. I made a checklist of the foods and drinks I would not dare to miss when I get there. I already planned my itinerary. I’m so excited I thought it was a good thing. It was not until that feeling overshadowed other important things. So here’s what really happened:

Blooper No. 1 (8:00pm-12:00mn vs 1:00pm-5:00pm)

I left the house lunchtime to give room for a time allowance. I don’t want to be late. And I don’t want to rush dressing up for the event so I thought arriving there before 5:00pm would give me enough time to do that and eat some of the foods on my checklist. Besides, the event won’t start until 8:00pm.

Blooper No. 2 (Dry run vs. Program proper)

I was in constant communication with my batchmate Rav and with the Alumni Relations Officer XienXien and I was told they are still at the venue. Okay, so I thought they were still not done with all the preparations and the dressing-up of the venue.

Blooper No. 3 (Baha Outfit vs. Glam Fasyon)

I went there prepared. I’ve packed five different sets of clothes for that event and I really didn’t mind carrying that gigantic bag with me even if it’s heavy. Kebs. It was raining hard because of the typhoon Mina so I thought wearing a baha outfit (pepe shorts, sleeveless top and soc jacket) while they are still busy with the preparations would be just fine.

Blooper No. 4 (Not being gullible vs. Not reading between the lines)

Finally, Elbi. My heart was beating frantically and the images on my mind of how the night would turn out was playing dramatically. I’m dripping wet because of the rain but who cares? I’m just so happy to be there in SU and to finally see who else are there aside from Popoy, Rav and Ate Jacky.

Before heading to the function room, I stopped by at the restroom to have some minor fix (hair, lips, clothes) and then off to the door with a big smile on my face. I was recognized easily and was welcomed heartily and then Popoy blurted out I ‘Andyan na si Rikki, tapos na’. It was so Popoy and it was so Soc-like, I thought.

Blooper No. 5 (The revelation)

After the usual hug and beso-beso and the usual introduction of some of the new members, I sat beside my batchmate. And then I noticed they were all dressed up. And then there were people on the stage and there were some program going on. And then my batchmate told me ‘Ainaku, hindi masarap yung food, let’s just eat later sa Bonitos’.

Wait … rewind.

So, the event was moved from its original time to 1:00-5:00pm. They were not having a dry run that’s why all of them are wearing fab outfits and Popoy really meant it when he said tapos na.

And it all just sank in to me when we were already being called for the photo ops. Wait, sayang my outfit on my gigantic bag. Besides, it’s never too late!

I immediately changed and there we go. Picture, picture courtesy of Jat. Now looking at the pic, who would say all these bloopers happened? Haha. Smile.