The Blog: Rikki Tick Talk’s Blog

I initially wanted to have a blog where I can just talk about everything that fascinates me and captures my heart and I started with that.

But while I was browsing other bloggers’ sites, I suddenly realized what I really wanted to focus on: LIFE AND WORK BALANCE!

Or to be technical – FINDING THE SWEET SPOT: Yes! This I learned when I was being trained while being part of the training team (Capability) in Alaska Milk Corporation years back.

So, how do we start finding that? When people around you start calling you workaholic but you know better. I’m not workaholic, dudes, I’m just enjoying what I’m doing. I really am having a blast in SALES! I’ve always wanted this. So where’s the sweet spot you’ll find in this blog? Here, look at where these two overlap:


SALES: Salesmanship (New People, Intelligent Discussions,Business Books/Reading Materials), Trade Marketing (Events,Perks,Launches), Trade Checks/Store Visits (Travel,Dine-Out,Catch Up with Friends) and lots of TRIAL and ERRORS (Experience, lessons, success story, soul and self searching)

We are all salesmen every day of our lives. We are selling our ideas, our plans, our enthusiasms to those with whom we come in contact” – Charles M. Schwab 

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What do you think of this? Love, Rikki.

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